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Passionate About Finding the Right People

When some colleagues from PriceWaterhouseCoopers and I started Cipher in 1999 in the NYC area, we committed to bringing the best practices of consulting to our staffing services:  understanding and focus on the clients business, responsiveness and customization of our approach, and flawless execution.


Over our 17+ years of experience, that commitment has earned us a reputation for succeeding in difficult talent searches where others fail.

We allow clients to focus on interviewing and hiring fewer, stronger fit candidates. Pre-screened to meet the demands of each unique environment. We eliminate the stress of plowing through scores (or hundreds) of resumes. 


How do we do this? 


Through our three-pronged e-headhunting formula:

• A Turbo Search Strategy, based on broad business and management consulting expertise.  Founded by former PwC        professionals, Cipher is able to advice clients on the right industry and company targets for each search.

• Cutting edge E-headhunting. 

• In-depth competencies and personality assessments

My background



I have worked in top companies with world-class talent: Harvard University, where I lead the University’s Diversity efforts, and eleven years with PwC, Accenture and IBM.  My network continues to grow and diversify every day, always keeping that standard of top talent for both our staff and the candidates we present.


My education is also broad and deep: a MPA from Harvard University, an M. A. in Psychology from Boston University and a MBA from the University of Tulsa. My two Bachelor’s degrees are in Mathematics and Computer Engineering. 


We specialize in companies undergoing significant change and transformation. Be it explosive growth, changing regulatory or business environment, or a change in management direction, we get you the talent that is right for the new conditions.


We find versatile and agile candidates for companies undergoing change and transformation.

Universitas Bostoniensis
The University of Tulsa
Universidad Simon Bolivar
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